Game Designer & Producer

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Designer / Producer

Touchtop RPG is a Virtual Tabletop system aimed at 5th Edition rules in particular. It is currently in early production. I have designed the game and am producing it, managing a developer and building an art and sound team currently.



Designer / Producer

Lelly is a serious game which rewards players who undertake activities that help combat the side effects of depression and anxiety. I conceptualised, put together a founding team, and project managed the project to prototype stage before selling my share of the project to my business partners.



Designer / Producer

Bragnoc is a traditional Tabletop RPG using the 5th Edition ruleset. Originally using a bespoke set of rules and changed to 5th Edition for accessibility to the game, Bragnoc is based on stories written by myself since I was 8 years old and a comic book of the same name. Now prototyped and being play-tested, this game has received a lot of positive feedback so far. Coming complete with miniatures, I am looking to launch this Sci-Fi take on the classic fantasy TTRPG on Kickstarter in the next year.



Designer / Developer

Marbles 2.0 is my first attempt at developing a game myself. Developed in Unity, it involves 6 different marbles, each with a different ability and trying to hit target marbles with them. This game is the perfect example of working within restrictions, while creating the game I had many ideas that ultimately did not make it into the final version, due to a lack of time. I had a wishlist of features that I wanted in the game, and through good organisation and project management whittled them down to what was manageable in the allotted time.



Designer / Producer

Skirmyth is a board game where the players take on the mantle of Ancient Greek Gods along with their Heroes and Warriors. I worked in and managed a group of 4 for this project, I pitched my idea, almost fully formed, near the beginning of the project and it was selected unanimously. I then prototyped it and managed the other members of the team, giving them tasks to complete in order to achieve the end goal. The below pictures are of Skirmyth prototyped in Tabletopia and I am now looking to bring Skirmyth fully into the digital realm by making a video game version.



Assistant Designer

Duality was my first Game Jam game. The Global Game Jam 2022 was offered out to all the Games Students at Bournemouth University and I was the only 1st Year that took part. The game played on the theme of Duality in a seen and non seen way, as the players move they become invisible, if they stop moving or start shooting, they become visible. I assisted with the game conceptualisation and was heavily involved in deciding which features we wanted and had time to implement. Unfortunately the game is currently unfinished as part of the team pulled out half way through the jam due to other commitments, but it shows that I can work with a team, formulate and present ideas & can take into account restrictions when working on ideas.

Playing Video Games

My aim is to bring joy to players through the projects I am involved in, my unique experience, creativity and mindset sets me apart from other Game Designers & Producers - If you don't believe me, let me show you!



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