A Career in Games, the Long Way Round

Since an early age, I was obsessed with creating things, I wrote short stories that eventually became Bragnoc, I created tabletop war-games that were eerily similar to Warhammer (despite never having heard about tabletop games at the time) and I created elaborate stories and games with my favourite figures.

Then I got introduced to Video Games and I had found my favourite pass time. From my first game, a simple graphics game shooting parachuting men out of the sky from a turret, my love for the genre grew with each game I consumed.

But I never thought it even remotely possible that I could be on the other side of the game, creating it. So I started working in Project Management instead, and following on from side projects in films, documentaries, comic books and learning software I finally realised what I should be doing with my life, what I'm best at - creating games. 

At Bournemouth & Poole College I studied Enterprise & Entrepreneurship in the hope of turning my aspirations of Bragnoc into a reality. But even Bragnoc suited Video Games better than tabletop, and so after much deliberation, I went to Bournemouth University to study Games Software Engineering, so I could learn to create games from scratch. It is there that I learnt that my preferred role is either a Designer or a Producer, as while I enjoy coding and have shown an aptitude for it, these are where my heart and pre-existing skills lay. 

Before turning my hand to games, I was essentially a producer for 4 years, only at a Holiday Park, I project managed, budgeted, designed new products, presented pitches and managed a varied team, so I know I am more than capable of a Producer role, and with my experience designing games such as Lelly and Bragnoc, I know I am a quality designer too.

I am constantly working hard to improve my Design, Production and Coding skills and am revisiting past projects to see how these can improved upon with new knowledge and skills learnt. 

I know taking on an unproven junior staff member can be daunting for a business, but I can assure you I have proven myself in other industries and have the talent and work ethic to thrive in this industry too and if you let me prove myself to you, you will not be disappointed.